Will County, IL

April 26, 2024 - April 28, 2024



Do you have nearly new clothing, shoes, toys, baby gear, books and more that you kids have outgrown or no longer use? Then become a consignor with Kid's Closet Connection!

Hello! All the information you need to tag with us and receive your check after the sale is in the following information. Please read the information below. If you need additional help, our email address is at the end of this page.

New and returning consignors

  • Find a sale and sign up to consign!
  • Register as a consignor by creating a username and password.
  • Sign up for a drop off day/time in your closet.
  • Sign up for a helper shift if you want to earn more $$.
  • You should be receiving email from us always….this is how you know what’s going on and how you get your echeck after the sale.
  • Make sure your current phone # is in you account. We do send text messages to consignors.
  • To Re-issue an email check to you the cost is $15.00. Checks expire 90 days after issuance. To retrieve your check you must use your KCC email to create an account here:  Deluxe Payment Exchange (DPX) (echecks.com)
  • If you’re not receiving our emails, please follow these directions: when you’re on our website under “edit account” -> “profile information” please make sure the box is checked for “I approve receiving email from Kids Closet Connection” is checked.

Helper Shifts: 

Interested in increasing your profits? Consignors who don't work any helper shifts earn 60% of what they sell, less a consignor fee.

Consignors who have items to be sold on the sales floor are able to come shop our Consignor sale on PreSale THURSDAY, but you can come anytime this day too! 

We kindly ask that you do NOT shop DURING your helper shift.

Help out TWO SHIFTS EARNS YOU 75% OR THREE SHIFTS earns you 80% AND YOU GET TO SHOP EARLY ON our PreSale THURSDAY starting at 5:00pm! No tickets required.*

Help out ONE SHIFT and you will earn 70% of your sales! AND YOU GET TO SHOP EARLY ON our PreSale THURSDAY after 6:00pm! No tickets required.* 

*To shop as a helper/consignor on PreSale THURSDAY you must have a minimum of 25 items for sale on the sales floor.

***you cannot earn more than $50 for your third helper shift. 


  • In season items only.
  • We do require spring/summer items for our SPRING SALE and fall/winter items for the FALL SALE. This refers to pool items, bathing suits, swim trunks, tanks, shorts, (tshirts are okay in all seasons), sandals.
  • Please only bring items that complete our 4 C’s: Clean, current, complete & compliant.
  • Consignors can only bring 1,000 in-season items to a sale MAX!
  • You can tag anytime day or night! Our tagging system NEVER closes!
  • You may only use WHITE CARDSTOCK, NOT copy paper.
  • You may print in BLACK INK ONLY.
  • There can also be no tape on the barcodes and the tags should not be on something round, they only scan on a flat surface.
  • Please do everything in your power to get your tags to stay ON your items.
  • You can check out the links to our Acceptable Items (or see the list below this) and Merchandise Preparation pages on the website. All items NOT in good condition will be rejected and in the front section of the sales floor for pickup after the sale.
  • We can only sell spring/summer items in the spring sale and fall/winter at the fall sale.
  • Items with batteries MUST WORK or they will be pulled off the floor for pickup after the sale.
  • All items MUST relate to a CHILDREN’S sale. No kitchen items, adult items, household decorations, etc. should NOT be on our sales floor.
  • All clothing must be Newborn-Juniors XL. No inappropriate clothing. Only clothing a teenager would wear. No business suits or dresses moms would wear. If we believe it's not compliant, we will pull it from the floor and have available for pickup after the sale.

Consignor Drop-Off

  • Please select a drop-off time via our website in the Control Pannel.
  • When you arrive to Roma, always check in with us.
  • You are responsible for bringing in and placing your items on the floor in their correct spots.
  • When picking up and checking out if you have any unsold items you cannot find on the sales floor, please let us know so we can help you look. THIS is the time to speak to us about it, not in email after the sale.
  • Any items left on the sales floor after 6:00pm on pick-up day will be donated. We cannot be held responsible for any items not picked up.

Acceptable Items:

  • Girls’ and boys’ clothing: size newborn to boys’ size 20 and girls’ junior size 13 in their correct season only Spring = Spring and summer clothing; Fall = Fall and winter clothing only.
  • Maternity clothing and accessories.
  • Baby furniture, including changing tables, and rockers. (We are no longer accepting any cribs due to the recent new CPSC standards)
  • Baby strollers, high chairs, baby swings and car seats.
  • Crib bedding and room décor.
  • Baby items, including crib sheets, receiving blankets, bottles and towels.
  • Books, DVDs, videos and computer software.
  • Toys, puzzles and games with all pieces.
  • Sporting Equipment and bicycles.
  • Cleaned stuffed animals and dolls.

During the sale

Did you know you can see your earnings at the end of the day each day?

Please be on the lookout for any texts or emails for large items that may have a tag missing. We try to look for the owners.

Consignor Pick-up

Please go HERE to see the exact schedule for Sunday pick-up.

Please know your sort letter and how many items/what you’re picking up.

Please arrive no earlier than 4:00pm, but arrive after 4:00 & early enough so you are finished picking up your unsold items and have items checked out by a team member by 6:00 pm.


  • Earn 60-80% of the selling price (there is a consignor fee of $15.00 deducted from your check at the end of the sale)! Check out the $$$ you can earn! 
  • A consigner earng 60% of the selling price.
  • A consignor can work up to three 3-hour helper shifts. The first shift gets you 10% more, and each shift thereafter is 5%.

Note: The maximum payout for the third shift a helper works shall not exceed $50 for a three hour shift - Ex. Say your earnings are $1,200. If you worked 2 shifts that would get you 75% = $900. If you worked a third shift that would get you 80% = $960. Your difference for the third shift cannot exceed the $50, so your total would be $950, less a consignor fee.

  • Effective May 2024 the Consignor Fee is $15.00 per sale, consignors earn 60% on their items that sell. At least 50% of items brought to the sale must be marked down for discount days! 

How to receive your check after the sale: 

  • You will receive your eCheck 2-3 weeks after the sale via email!
  • You will receive 2 emails, one from us, the first one is "CHECK YOUR FEES" we kindly ask you to check your fees and give a deadline on when we need to know if something is amiss. The second email says you recieved a check - from 2 Bees Consignment - at the Deluxe website --> Your earnings will be sent via eCheck through Deluxe Payment Exchange (DPX) (echecks.com)
  • Within one week of the sale an email from KCC with the title “CHECK YOUR FEES” will be sent.   Then approximately one to two weeks after that another email from KCC will be sent that says your check is ready for you to deposit.
  • If you’ve never used this service to get your check, please click the link above, use the email KCC has on file for you, as that’s what the Deluxe website has for you, and create an account, get your check, print & deposit it!
  • Just as with any bank, this check expires 90 days from today.  If we need to re-issue a check to you because it’s after the 90 days or you can’t get it or print it, there is a $15 re-issuance fee.
  • We don't have paper checks.



Email us at willcounty.il@kidscloset.biz for more information or if you have any other questions!







How it Works

How it Works:

1.       Register as a consignor.

2.       Gather your nearly new items in great condition.

3.       Launder and clean any items you are bringing to the sale.

4.       Prep them for the sale by hanging clothing on a hanger and securing other items appropriately by reading our Merchandise Prep page.

5.       Price and tag your items using our online tagging system.

6.        Check-in your items at one of our drop-off days/times.

7.       Shop at our Consignor Presale where you get to shop before we open to the public.

8.       Pick up your unsold items or consider donating to our local charity.


Any questions?  Email us @ willcounty.il@kidscloset.biz


Help at this Sale!

Consignors make up to 70% of the selling price by signing up to help out or assist with the sale!

A vast array of HELPER opportunities are available, there is something for everyone!

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