Blue Springs, MO

May 01, 2024 - May 05, 2024


What is consigning? Find out!


It is EASY to sell your kids' outgrown items at our sale at the Pavillion at Centerline.


New Consignors:

  • Register as a consignor by creating a username and password.
  • Sign up for a drop off day/time in your closet
  • Check out the links to our Acceptable Items and Merchandise Preparation pages on the website. This location does accept stuffed animals. We are now accepting up to size 3X in both boys/girls sizes. Make sure items are appropriate for teens in school. We will also be accepting up to size 13 shoes in very good condition. All items NOT in good condition will be rejected.
  • Effective August 2022 Consignor Fee is $15.00 per sale, consignors earn 60% on their items that sell. At least 50% of items brought to the sale must be marked down for discount days!
  • Consignors are limited to a maximum of 500 items and will be charged an additional sort fee if this limit is not followed. (currently an additional $10 per 500 items- ex. 1-500 items- $10; 501-1000 items- $10; 1001-1500, $10, etc. 
  • Please make sure your address, phone # and email are current or you may not receive your check! 
  • Checks are EMAILED to the address on file within 2 weeks after the sale has completed. Please make sure that the email address is correct. If check needs to be reissued, there is a $10 reissue fee. You can create an echeck account to retrieve your check at


Helpful tutorial:  Consignor Registration Tutorial

Consignor Earnings:

  • Consignors make up to 75% of the selling price by helping before, during or after the sale! By helping out one shift you can earn an additional 5% of your sales for a total of 70%!
  •  Be a helper for one shift* and you will earn 70% of your sales and you are invited to shop at our Helper Presale, Wednesday 11:30am. Be a Premier Helper by helping two shifts and you will earn 75% of your sales and shop our Premier Helper Sale, at 11am!  
  • Sign Up to Help Here!


Note: The maximum payout for the second shift a helper works shall not exceed $50 for a three hour shift.


  • No Time To Tag? Let us tag your items for you with our VIP Consignor Program! Email for more information!

How it Works

How it Works:

1.      Register as a consignor.

2.      Gather your nearly new items in great condition.

3.      Launder and clean any items you are bringing to the sale.

4.      Prep them for the sale by hanging clothing on a hanger and securing other items appropriately by reading our Merchandise Prep page.

5.      Price and tag your items using our online tagging system.

6.      Check in with your items at one of our check in days/times.

7.      Shop at our Consignor Presale where you get to shop before we open to the public.

8.      Pick up your unsold items or consider donating to our local charity.


Help at this Sale!

Consignors make up to 70% of the selling price by signing up to help out or assist with the sale!

A vast array of HELPER opportunities are available, there is something for everyone!

Tips from the Pros

Get the most out of your sales! Learn from the best and get all of the information you need to have a successful time selling!