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It is really SIMPLE to become a Seller(Consignor)!

--Experience the convenience of selling with KCC--



1. Register first HERE! 



2. Sign up for a Drop Off Day/Time in your Control Panel


3. Start gathering your items NOW for our 2024 SPRING Event. We will be taking ALL SEASONS of clothing, shoes, and equipment but focus on the spring and summer clothing and gear for best sales. For ideas check out our LIST of Acceptable items! Any pregnancy, infant, child related items are accepted as long as in gently used or new condition. Questions? Just ask! Also check out many Consignor 101 videos on our Facebook page for a full tutorial.


4. Hang (any type of hanger is fine) and tag these items using our Online Tagging System accessed from your Control Panel. Make tagging even easier? Check out our Voice Entry option and other helpful videos HERE


5. Drop off these items at your designated drop off time and put your items out on the floor in their specific areas. We are there to help!


6. Watch your items sell online during the event! (Sales are uploaded every evening). You will make 65-75% of the sales prices, which you named! We announce when sales are up on our Facebook Consignor Group. The Consignor Group is a great place for tips, tricks and information about participating in our event.—join us HERE.


7. Find a friend who wants to participate? You can earn $25 in shopping credit for every NEW consignor you recruit who drops of at least 100 items!


8. Receive remaining sales payment electronically within a week of the sale! Make sure the email you use here is an acount you use regularly as this is an electronic check. A consignor participation fee of $12.50 is deducted from your total.



Helpful tutorial: Consignor Registration Tutorial


Consignor Earnings:

Consignors make up to 75% of the selling price by helping out before, during or after the sale! 

Help out one four hour shift and you will earn 70% of your sales, help out two shifts* and you will earn 75% of your sales

And you are invited to shop at our Consignor Presale! If you are signed up to help you get to shop even earlier!


Acceptable Items:

*Girls’ and boys’ all seasons clothing: size newborn to boys’ size 20 and girls’ junior size 13 (limit 10 girls juniors items). Limit of 50 items for boys & girls NB-24 months. Shoes, winter gear, seasonal clothing and formal/dress wear do not have a limit!

*Maternity clothing (limit 10 items) and accessories (no limit).

*Baby furniture, including changing tables, cribs (manufactured after 6/28/11), toddler beds, rocking chairs, bookcases, toy boxes etc.

*Baby strollers, high chairs, baby swings and car seats, and more!

*Crib bedding and room décor.

*Baby items, including crib sheets, receiving blankets, bottles and towels and more!

*Books of all kinds: board books, picture books, chapter books, mommy/parenting, homeshool/education books!

*DVDs and computer/video gams & systems.

*Toys, puzzles and games with all pieces.

*Sporting Equipment: bicycles, sleds, skis, snowboards, hockey gear, ice skates, cleats, balls & more!

*Clean stuffed animals in like-new or excellent condition. 


*Mommy Corner: women's outer and active wear, decor, home goods, & regiftable items!


Don't forget our 4 C's:

Clean - We cannot accept clothing that have any stains (even slight ones), tears, holes, fuzz balls, soiled/worn areas, odors or loose/broken/missing buttons. Other items should be clean, and not show extreme wear, missing decals or excessive fading.

Complete - all items need to be 100% complete (no missing pieces) and in fully working condition (batteries included, in battery operated toys and baby gear.) Bags need to be secure and sealed with clear packing tape.

Current - Car seats must at a minimum of 1 year before expiration and you will need to sign a disclaimer at drop-off stating it has not been in an accident or recalled. Cribs must have been manufactured after 6/28/11.

Compliant – We do not accept any recalled products. Click here to check if your item may have been recalled. 



To Increase your profits:

*Only bring items in GREAT condition, less than five years old, and in clean, working condition.

*Price between 25% and 30% of what you paid for the item new, taking into consideration age, condition, style, and brand.

*Price on the LOWER end for maternity, newborn and junior clothing, value brands (Like Carters, Garanimals, Old Navy), bedding and stuffed toys.

*Price on the HIGHER end for large play items and baby gear (in nearly new condition), large toys, name brand and boutique brands (Gymboree, Janie & Jack, Justice, Ralph Lauren, etc)

*ALWAYS price most or all of your items for HALF PRICE day. We have lots of shippers that buy in bulk on this day. You can maximize your total revenues if you tag your items for 1/2 off day and end of picking up fewer items of your unsold items. Those who price items at half price receive, on average, a check 50% greater than sellers that price only for full price.


How to Get Started and Quick Tips:

• Separate the items you are consigning into categories; clothing (separate by gender and then by size), toys, books, accessories, etc. before you start tagging.

•Group items together (if possible), like pairing pants with a shirt (as long as it is the same size), several books together, place small accessories together, etc.

• Enter multiple quantities for "like" items. For instance, tag all T-shirts together (that are the same size and price) and enter the total number of T shirts you have in the "Qty" field.

• Concentrate on toys and larger play items! We sell 90% of these items: strollers, high chairs, bouncers, swings, bassinets, exer-saucers, outdoor play equipment, basketball goals, kitchens, tool benches, train tables, ride on toys, bikes, wagons, rockers, pack n plays, and toys, toys and toys! 

How it Works

How it Works:

1.       Register as a consignor.

2.       Gather your nearly new items in great condition.

3.       Launder and clean any items you are bringing to the sale.

4.       Prep them for the sale by hanging clothing on a hanger and securing other items appropriately by reading our Merchandise Prep page.

5.       Price and tag your items using our online tagging system.

6.       Drop off your items at one of our drop off days/times.

7.       Shop at our Consignor Presale where you get to shop before we open to the public.

8.       Pick up your unsold items or consider donating to our local charity.


Help at this Sale!

Consignors make up to 70% of the selling price by signing up to help out or assist with the sale!

A vast array of HELPER opportunities are available, there is something for everyone!

Tips from the Pros

Get the most out of your sales! Learn from the best and get all of the information you need to have a successful time selling!