Houston South, TX

September 06, 2024 - September 08, 2024


 Kid's Closet Connection is a fun and easy way to recycle your kid's CLUTTER & turn it into CASH!

Make $200-$300* in ONE WEEKEND!!


If you have tried your hand at consignment stores or attempted using buy ~ sell ~ trade groups, then you understand that clearing the clutter can be time consuming and in some cases not very profitable.... Friend, stop wasting your time!


Consign with us and get a BIGGER check without the headache!


Consigning is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Register HERE and then enter your items using our online tagging system.

2. Drop your items off at our sale during your selected drop off time.

3. Watch your items sell online and receive a check for 60-75% of your sales!

Find out more consignor information/instructions HERE.



Sell to HUNDREDS of families at Kid's Closet Connection - Houston South's Spring Sale Event


In Person: September 6th - 8th at Victory Camp - Alvin (Across from Livingstones Church)

Register to sell in person!


Why Consign with Kid's Closet Connection?

Great way to Recycle your out grown kid gear

Eliminate the hassle of Buy~Sell~Trade groups

Receive HIGHER payouts than other consignment stores

No more haggling in the HEAT at yard sales

Spend less time and earn more!


Sign up NOW to cash in on your kid's clutter! Hurry, spots are LIMITED!

No time to consign??? Check out our VIP tagging service!



  • Consignors (Sellers) earn 60% on their sold items or 70-75% if they help out at the sale. Helping just 1 shift gives you an extra 5%!
  • There is a $12 consignment fee that is taken out of the consignor's proceeds at the end of the event. Woohoo, no up front cost!
  • Refer a friend that consigns 25+ items and we will either waive your consignor fee OR you can receive 5% of their sales for 2 consecutive sales!
  • Join our Consignor's Facebook Group to find tips, tricks, and prep information. We will also hold exclusive contests to win shopping cash!
  • Consignors receive a pre-sale pass for them and a friend to shop early. Consignor Pre-sale: Friday, September 6th 3:00-8pm
  • Now that you know the basics, find out more consignor details/instructions HERE.


*Your actual check amount will depend on how many items you bring, the type & quality of items, the price of your items, etc.... $200-$300 is the average amount that a consignor takes home, but will vary from consignor to consignor.


How it Works

How it Works:

1.       Register as a consignor.

2.       Gather your nearly new items in great condition.

3.       Launder and clean any items you are bringing to the sale.

4.       Prep them for the sale by hanging clothing on a hanger and securing other items appropriately by reading our Merchandise Prep page.

5.       Price and tag your items using our online tagging system.

6.       Drop off your items at one of our drop off days/times.

7.       Shop at our Consignor Presale where you get to shop before we open to the public.

8.       Pick up your unsold items or consider donating to our local charity.


Help at this Sale!

Consignors make up to 70% of the selling price by signing up to help out or assist with the sale!

A vast array of HELPER opportunities are available, there is something for everyone!

Tips from the Pros

Get the most out of your sales! Learn from the best and get all of the information you need to have a successful time selling!