Fayetteville, NC

November 22, 2024 - November 24, 2024


Ready to ROCK this FALL SEASON???

OVERWHELMED with all that STUFF??? We can HELP!

JOIN Hundreds of families &

SELL with Kid's Closet Connection - Fayetteville!!!

What do you do with all that clutter? All that stuff that has been staring you in the face the last 2 years? 

Buy, Sell, Trade, Groups? Meet Ups? Consignment Stores? Yard Sales? Simply just donating it? 

All that time and hassle just to make a few bucks or none at all???

No worries mama, take a sigh of relief because we GOT YOU COVERED! There is a BETTER WAY!


Clean house & get your gently used, outgrown, never played with Newborn to Tween items

in front of THOUSANDS of shoppers and sell it all in ONE WEEKEND!!!

Cleaning out your closets & making some cash has never felt so good and....YOU get to SHOP 1st, before the Public!!!


***Our average consignor earns $380 just by participating and YOU can too. Some have earned as high as $2,150 in 4 days, YES YOU can do that too!***


Here is how it works:      

  • Consignors earn 65-80% of the sale price. Keep reading below for all the info and details.
  • A $12.50 Consignor fee is taken right from your proceeds, NO UPFRONT OR HIDDEN FEES to help pay for things such as venue rent, advertising, clothing racks & supplies, and so much more for us to bring you a fantastic sales event. We know how to get shoppers in the door who are ready and waiting to buy all your stuff! *Please bring a self addressed stamped envelope with you to drop off. This is how we send your check to you. If you forget or don't have one we will provide one for you and an additional $1.50 will be charged to your account (taken out of your consignor check) at the end of the sale.
  • Consignors start with a base rate of 65%. Want a BIGGER CHECK? Want to EARN EVEN MORE? Consignors that help before, during, and/or after the sale can earn up to 75% of the selling price, have their consignor fee waived, & receive other special perks. **See our helper tab for available helper shift dates, times, and percentages available or just CLICK HERE**  
  • Want a BIGGER, BIGGER CHECK? Yes, you can have that too! We have consignors that earn up to 80% just by helping out a few more hours. **This makes us the absolute HIGHEST PAYOUT CONSIGNMENT SALE in and around the FAYETTEVILLE AREA** Contact us at fayetteville.nc@kidscloset.biz for more info on earning up to 80% of your sales. **These shifts MUST be pre-approved**
  • Now that you are ready, Simply, get started by creating an account & registering to consign
  • Be sure to join our private FB group for consignors only. This is where you will get answers to all your questions regarding anything and everything about the sale. This is also where we keep consignors updated on the latest details. Find us on FB and JOIN AT KCC-FAYETTEVILLE CONSIGNORS CORNER.
  • Prep, Price & Tag your items using our online tagging system. **NEED HELP? A helpful tab on your control panel is tagging guidelines. The tagging guidelines tab has several short videos including supplies needed, how to create & print your tags, how to price your items to sell, how to hang and package your items, & item drop off and pick up.
  • Select a drop off day and time. (You will see a tab for this on your control panel right under the dates of the upcoming sale. If you do not see the tab then you have not registered to be a consignor for our upcoming sale. You may still have an account with us but you need to register to consign each sale)
  • Drop items off at the sale location at your scheduled day and time.
  • Consignors place their items out on the sales floor in the appropriate area. *Plan at least an hour for you to check in, have your items inspected, & place them on the sales floor. If you have more items, plan more time. Please have ALL items tagged and ready to go BEFORE you arrive at drop off. We do have helpers that will inspect your items and help you place them onto the sales floor. 
  • You will receive a Private Presale Pass for you & a guest to SHOP before we open to the public.
  • JOIN THE FUN - Sales are uploaded at the end of each sale day and can be viewed online in your control panel.
  • You will receive a check 7-10 days after the last day of the sale. 

HURRY - REGISTER TO CONSIGN NOW, spaces fill up fast!


**Kid's Closet Connection has over 44 franchises across the nation each having a different owner. Our individual sales are unique in what is accepted & unaccepted at each sale according to our geographic location, size of venue, and demographics. While overall we generally accept the same type of gently used Newborn to Tween items here is what is specific to our sale in Fayetteville, NC**


**Acceptable & Unacceptable items for our upcoming Fall 2024 Sale:

1. Fall/Winter Clothing size Newborn to 18 in boys and girls. We also accept Maternity!

2. We DO NOT accept Junior size clothing or Adult Clothing. Although we understand that your growing tweens sometimes wear Junior Size clothing, due to space limitations and a poor sell through rate, we will NOT be accepting Juniors size clothing. Please DO NOT bring them. 

3. We DO NOT accept clothing size SM, MED, LG, unless it is equivalent to a childs size and the size is clearly labeled in the printed out tag. A childs SM is generally a size 6-8, MED is generally 10-12, LG is 14-16. This is just a generalization and the size of the item should be measured with a childs garment to get a true size. 

4. Shoes size Newborn to 6 in youth. NO adult shoes.

5. Due to our Spring/Summer sale being held in May, we will accept Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day & Easter Clothing & Decor at our Fall/Winter Sale.  

6. Toys MUST have all pieces & have working batteries.

7. Puzzles & Games MUST have all pieces.

8. Stuffed Animals are accepted.

9. We also accept home decor, furniture, bedding, books, baby gear & equipment, ride on toys, outdoor toys, and so much more.

10. We accept almost everything from Newborn - Tween and everything in between! If you are not sure if we accept an item or not, just ask. We will be to help you.

11. To keep the integrity of our sale and have a high quality of standard for the items on our sales floor, we inspect all items at drop off.

   **Please only bring us your best as items with holes, stains, tears, excessive wear, will be unaccepted and returned to you upon inspection.** 

12. At this time we do not have a maximum number of items that you can bring. However, we do ask that you bring at least 20 items to consign that have at least a total selling price of $50.00.

13. You can start entering items and creating your tags as soon as you register for the sale. There is NO deadline for entering items. We NEVER close our tagging system. Therefore, you can tag your items right up until your drop off day and time. **However, we don't recommend waiting until the last minute as many people are trying to enter items at that time and the system may be a little slower than normal.**

14. Don't see an answer to your question? See our FAQ Tabs CLICK HERE for further details and info.

15. Still didn't get your question answered after reading the website? Need help getting started? Confused? Just need a quick point in the right direction? Feel free to contact me at fayetteville.nc@kidscloset.biz or find us on FB @ Kid's Closet Connection - Fayetteville.

** Average consignor payouts are based on the actual number of items a consignor brings, selling price, quality of items, shopper demand, and type of items. $350 was the average consignor check at our previous sale. Consignor payouts/checks varies from consignor to consignor.**


*No time to TAG?

*Join our VIP Tagging Service & let the Fairy TagMother tag it for you*

**We will start taking VIP consignors for our Fall/Winter sale July 1, 2024 

**1st come 1st serve, ACT FAST!**

***Email us NOW to grab your SLOT - fayetteville.nc@kidscloset.biz***


Here is how it works:


  • Items will be priced using our pricing guidelines.
  • ALL items will be marked for 50% off on our discount day.
  • We arrange with you to receive your items at least 6 weeks before the sale and we do the rest! Price, tag, and hang your items using our supplies (hangers, tags, etc.) 
  • Consignors earn 30% of the selling price of their items that are sold.
  • A $12.50 consignor fee is deducted from your sales total.
  • VIP Consignors ARE NOT eligible for promotions for a lower consignor fee.
  • If you have over 100 clothing items there will be an additional $20.00 consignor fee deducted for supplies such as hangers, safety pins, & cardstock paper for each 100 items.
  • All unacceptable items will be donated to charity immediately and not returned to the consignor.
  • All unsold items are not eligible for pick up & will be donated at the end of the sale
  • VIP Consignors will be able to shop before the public at our consignors Private Pre-sale. A Pre-Sale Pass for you and a guest will be emailed to you upon completion of us tagging your items.
  • Only give us your best!! We reserve the right to refuse items that do not meet our sale standards and they will be donated immediately.
  • Contact us by email Fayetteville.nc@kidscloset.biz or on FB to register for VIP Consigning.
  • Space is limited and fill up fast so act quickly. First come 1st serve. 

How it Works

How it Works:

1.       Register as a consignor.

2.       Gather your nearly new items in great condition.

3.       Launder and clean any items you are bringing to the sale.

4.       Prep them for the sale by hanging clothing on a hanger and securing other items appropriately by reading our Merchandise Prep page.

5.       Price and tag your items using our online tagging system.

6.       Drop off your items at one of our drop off days/times.

7.       Shop at our Consignor Presale where you get to shop before we open to the public.

8.       Pick up your unsold items or consider donating to our local charity.


Help at this Sale!

Consignors make up to 70% of the selling price by signing up to help out or assist with the sale!

A vast array of HELPER opportunities are available, there is something for everyone!

Tips from the Pros

Get the most out of your sales! Learn from the best and get all of the information you need to have a successful time selling!