Frequently Asked Questions

Shopper FAQs

A consignment sale is an event in which moms price and sell their children's outgrown items, and place them on the sales floor with other consignors' items. KCC organizes and advertises this event and each consignor receives a portion of their sales.
A consignor is a mom or dad who decides to sell their outgrown high quality, new and gently-used children's items at one of Kid's Closet Connection's semi-annual sales events. We take care of marketing, advertising, setting up, and running the events. Each consignor prepares and prices their items, drops them off at the sale, picks up or donates their unsold items after the sale and then receives a check (less a consignor fee and proceeds percentage) after the sale. If you chose, you can also help out for additional perks.
Admission is always free on the public sale days.
Yes. However, during the pre-sale is strongly discouraged due to the crowds that shop during these times.
Please check with the sale owner to see if they allow strollers at the sale.
We provide large green or pink shopping bags or you can bring your own bag or laundry basket. Please do not use your stroller for storing items.
Typically we have sales in the fall and spring. Sale dates are usually announced at least 6-8 weeks in advance. Check with your local sale owner to also see if they have a Holiday Sale in late November or early December.
All KCC sales accept cash, Visa and MasterCard (either as debit or credit.) Check with your local sale owner to see if they also accept Discover and/or American Express.
We offer sizes premie to teen as well as all maternity sizes. We have a wide variety of brands ranging from known brands like Gymboree to boutique and designer brands like Matilda Jane and Mini Boden.
Yes! You may qualify for one of our Presales. Many of our sales have First Time Mom or Expecting Mom Presales, Teacher, Military and Charity presales. Check with your local sale.
No. We suggest you bring your children's sizes as well as a measuring tape to the sale.

Consignor FAQs

Anyone can consign their children’s item with Kid's Closet Connection. Children's consignment sales are an excellent way to sell your gently used children's and maternity items. We generally pay more than a consignment shop, are more profitable than conducting your own garage and avoid the hassles of listing on Craigslist, FB Marketplace and Facebook Swap Groups.
Signing up is easy. Click on "Find a Sale" and then click on "Consign" next to your sale location. After that you will select a username and password, pick a drop off time, decide whether you want to help out and then begin entering your items and creating your tags. It's like running your own mini-business!
Consignors receive 60-65% of their sales (and more!) less a $10 to $15.00 consignor fee. Check on your local event's home page for details.
No, it is subtracted from your proceeds.
You pay the consignor fee for each sales event you participate in.
It generally takes 15-45 minutes to drop off your items.
You should receive your proceeds check 7-10 days after the sale, or even earlier depending on the Sales Event.
Yes. Each evening after 10PM you can view your sold items. Logon to your Control Panel and then click on "Sold Items." After the sale , you can also print a list of "unsold items" that you can use during pick-up. This final list is usually available one to two hours after the sale has concluded.
Each sales event is different, so please check with your local sales event owner to see if guests are allowed at the Consignor Presale.
You are not required to work at the sale. However, helpers who decide to help out get to attend the Helper Pre-sale (which is before the Consignor's Pre-sale) and may also be eligible for other perks. Check with your sale owner for details of helping out at an upcoming sale.
We do all the work! We generally get higher prices than a garage sale (without your having to advertise or work the entire sale), and less hassles than Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or Facebook Swap Groups.
No, you are allowed to bring as many items as you want. However, some sales may have limits on individual items, such as maternity, stuffed toys, etc. If you are bringing more than 300 items, you may want to notify your sale owner so they can be prepared.
You do! We do have guidelines to help you maximize your profits. Generally, you should price your items 25-30% of what you actually paid.
Typically, you should price between 25-30% of what you actually paid. Also, ask yourself "What would I pay?" Price a bit higher if the item is in mint condition, a boutique/designer brand, a high demand item (see below). Price on the low end if it is a more common brand, is gently used or a lower demand item (see below) Better presentation also commands a higher price. While we don’t require clothing items to be pressed, they generally sell better if they are.
Outdoor play equipment, furniture, baby gear (including strollers, high chairs, pack-n-plays). Toddler size clothing as well as designer/boutique brands sell fastest and at higher prices. Outfits sell better than separates.
Infant sizes (up to 24 months,) junior clothing and maternity clothing are the slowest movers and sell for a lower price. Also, bedding and stuffed animals should be priced on the lower end.
We accept both wire and plastic hangers, but prefer wire hangers.
Check with your local dry cleaners to see if they can provide you hangers that customers have dropped off - either free or for a reduced cost. You can also purchase cheap hangers at dollar stores, Goodwill or discount department stores. Also, check with friends and family to see if they have extras.
Due to the high sales volume we are unable to return any hangers.
You can enter items up to your drop off time.
Unsold items are moved to "inactive inventory." You can easily move them back to active status by selecting the items and clicking on "make active."
Yes, you can print your list of "Unsold Inventory" prior to pick up. Be sure to print at least an hour after the event has concluded.
After entering your prices, you will print off your tags (do NOT use colored stock or paper). Then affix the tags to your items following our tagging guidelines (see the Merchandise Preparation web page). Tags are affixed to clothes on the upper right portion of the garment (while looking at the garment the hanger should look like a question mark) with safety pins (no straight pins or overly large safety pins.) For other items, use clear packing tape and/or zip lock bags.
YES, we inspect ALL items that you bring to the sale before they are placed on the selling floor. This insures the integrity of our sale. Kid's Closet Connection sales have high standards, and that means we accept only the best in gently-used children's items. We will be inspecting for unacceptable items such as items with holes, missing buttons, missing pieces, stains, dirt, odors (including smoke), pet hair, showing wear (worn), broken parts, missing or dead batteries, etc. We want to be known for selling only the best, so please don't be offended if some items are returned to you during the inspection process.
Yes, all consignors get to attend the "consignor's pre-sale" before the sale opens to the public. Check the "Dates and Times" webpage for specifics.
Yes, your consignor number is the same across sale locations and events.
The only time you ever need to re-tag is if you change a price or a decision to sell an item at half price. You do not need to re-tag if you take an item to a different sale location or bring them back next season.
White card stock works the best as our scanners are very sensitive. However, you may use light colored card stock as well. Dark colors do NOT scan. We do not recommend the use of printer paper or copy paper.
No. The computer will read only the barcode. Therefore, regardless of what you have handwritten, the check-out computer will only pick up what was originally entered into the tagging system. This is also done as a security measure. If you change a price or a decision to offer at half price, you must re-print the tag.
The more descriptive you are the easier it is to match up the item with your tag if your tag should fall off. Mention color, brand, designs, etc. Don't just type "boys shirt". Instead type "Old Navy orange/blue stripe with basketball."
You can choose to put "boy" or "girl" as part of the description or you can put it under the size. For example, "boys blue polo shirt" or "boys size 4T."
No. You only need one tag when selling a set or multiple items together. Mention on the tag that this item includes a set of 2 or 3 pieces. Be very descriptive on the tag so that the shopper knows all the pieces that are included.
No problem. Go back into your active inventory and click on "not bringing". This will move your item into your inactive inventory and denote that you did not bring the item to the sale.
Once you have dropped off your items you cannot change prices. Marking the tag in handwriting will not change it in our system. The computer will read only the bar code.
Contact the local event owner prior to the end of the sale. They will advise you on whether anything can be done.
Acceptable items for a fall sale vary slightly by owner and geographic region. However, as a general rule, we do NOT accept swim suits, swim wear, Easter outfits, sleeveless t-shirts, shorts, flip-flops/sandals.
Acceptable items for a spring sale vary slightly by owner and geographic region. However, as a general rule, we do NOT accept winter coats, corduroys, sweaters, anything with fleece/fur, holiday outfits, Halloween costumes, boots.
Yes, if they were manufactured after June 28, 2011 (per CPSC requirements). Be sure to check the date label on the crib.
Yes, please be prepared to put your items on the sales floor after inspection. The amount of time you will need for this will vary depending on how many items you consign. When available, we will have helpers to assist you.
Yes. Shoppers like to see that all the pieces are there and everything works. Items sell better when they are completely assembled. For example: cribs, pack-n-plays, outdoor toys, etc. need to be put together.
Yes. However, they still must follow the drop off procedures including inspection and putting your items on the sales floor.
No problem. Just sign up for two drop off times or let the local event owner know you'll need to come back for a second load.
Your items will still be available for you to pick up but you won't be able to check each item off your unsold inventory list. Please do not expect to print your list at the sale as we cannot guarantee that our systems will be available. Please be reminded that all items left at the end of pick up will be donated to charity.
Yes. They will need your name and consignor number to be able to pick up your items. Many times it is difficult for a friend/family member to pick up your items because they are not familiar with what you brought to the sale. Be sure to notify your local event owner as to the name of the person who will be picking up on your behalf.
NO. All left over items are donated immediately at the end of the sale. Regretfully, we cannot store them. If you are unable to pick up your items during the allotted pick up time, we suggest you do not participate in this season's event.
No problem. Any leftover items that are not picked up will be donated. You do not need to contact us.
Each sale location has a unique charity. Click on the "Our Charity" link for the name and description of your local event's charity.
Please login to your Control Panel and click on "cancel consigning." That will cancel your participation at that particular event. Your consignor number and inventory, however, will still be intact. You can bring your items to another KCC location or next season's sale.
We offer convenient drop off times one to two days before the public sale. Be sure to click on "select a drop off time" when you sign up. Drop off generally takes 45 minutes to an hour.
Check your local event calendar for the specific time period for picking up your items. Be sure to print off your list of "unsold inventory" before you arrive for pick up. Please do NOT arrive early as we need this time to prepare for pickup. NOTE: If you are unable to locate all of your items, please ask a worker or sale owner for assistance before leaving. Items left after the pick up times are donated to charity. Regretfully, we cannot hold back items for a later pick up.

Helper FAQs

No, however helpers receive special perks for helping out. They get to attend the Helper Pre-sale (before the Consignor Pre-sale.) In addition, there may be other perks available. Check with your local event owner.
Work shifts vary by sale location. Generally, they are three to five hours in duration. Check with your local event owner regarding helper perks and details.
No, it would be unsafe to bring children while you work your shift and at this time we are unable to provide childcare.
Please notify your local event owner as soon as possible if you need to cancel. If you fail to show up without canceling, you will not be able to help out again and you may have your proceeds percentage decreased.
No. You must be a consignor at the sales event in order to help at the sale.
Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes early to sign in and be briefed on your responsibilities.
Click on the "Helper Opportunities" link under the "Helpers" icon on your local sales event home page to see what jobs are available.
Check your local event home page regarding when you can sign up. Some locations open up shifts at a specific date and time. Work shifts are limited and are filled on a first come, first serve basis.
Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. We will provide you with a black apron.
Each sale varies on whether or not helpers can bring a guest with them to the "Helper Presale". Please check with your local sales event owner.