Merchandise Preparation

Supplies Needed

  • Wire hangers (preferably)
  • Safety pins or tagging gun
  • Clear packaging tape
  • Plastic ziploc bags (gallon size)
  • Zip ties or String
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Hole punch (for shoes)
  • Plastic wrap (for puzzles)

Check out our Tagging Video for the supplies you might need to start tagging and pricing your items for consignment!

Clothing & Accessories

  • All items should be washed, and zippers should be in working order. Clothing should be free of stains, holes, and missing buttons.
    • Hint: Clean, wrinkle-free items create hanger-appeal and bring in more money.
  • All clothing items (including baby clothes) should be hung on wire or plastic hangers. The hanger hook should be facing left (like a question mark) for proper placement on the rack.
    • Hint: Wire hangers are available at most dry cleaners free-of-charge.
    • Hint: Mark hangers by applying colored tape, or affixing colored ribbon to the "neck" of each hanger. This makes spotting unsold items still on the rack easier at consignor pick-up. Please check with your sale operator if it is necessary to "mark" your hangers.
  • Hang multi-piece outfits together by hanging the top and flipping over the hanger and placing the shorts/pants on the back of the hanger by pinning it to the top of the hanger. (See diagram)
  • As you're looking at the article of clothing, affix the tag to the upper right side (or left shoulder of the garment). Make sure all tags are securely fastened to items. Safety pins or a tagging gun should be used on all clothing.
    • We cannot under any circumstance accept any items that use straight pins to affix tags.
    • Hint: A tagging gun, instead of safety pins, makes the job easier and quicker and can attach to the garment label or seam. Please check with your sale owner if you are using a tagging gun for any sale-specific instructions.
  • Use numeric sizes on the tag, not S, M, L. If there is more than one piece of clothing on a hanger, make sure you indicate it is a two or three piece outfit. For maternity clothing, please size by S, M, L, XL.
    • Hint: Point out brand names and condition, e.g., "new-with tags," to catch the buyer's eye.


Shoes that are excessively worn or dirty are not acceptable. Shoes should be securely fastened together with ribbon/string/zip-ties or placed in a re-sealable bag. Secure the top of tag with packing tape before you affix tag either to the bottom of the shoes or on the re-sealable plastic bag.


Recalled toys and toys with missing or broken parts are not accepted.

Electronic toys must be in working condition and have working batteries included.

Secure a toy and its parts into original packaging or a re-sealable plastic bag. Tape or staple the bag shut to prevent buyers from opening the bag.

Include product information or the owner's manual.

Clear packing tape (not Scotch or masking) should be used on all non-clothing items. Avoid placing tape over barcodes.

Tape boxed items (puzzles, board games, etc.) shut.

Bedding & Room Decor

Place quilt and blankets on a hanger with the tag securely attached, with any accessories placed in a ziploc bag and attached to the hanger OR place quilt and accessories in a large ziploc bag and attach tag securely to outside. Make sure you list on tag all items included in the set.

Baby/Child Equipment

Clear packing tape (not Scotch or masking) should be used on all non-clothing items. Avoid placing tape over bar codes. Include original packaging or manufacturer's instructions with the item.

  • Hint: Go to the manufacturer's web site and download instructions. Include the original retail price, so buyers recognize the value.

Newborn car seats must include the base.

We cannot accept car seats that are greater than five years old, have been in an accident or were recalled.

  • Note: If you are consigning a car seat, you will need to fill out a Car Seat Disclaimer during Consignor Drop Off.
  • We will not be accepting cribs unless the crib was manufactured after June 28, 2011.
  • Affix parts and pieces to all items. Denote on the tag if an item comes with several pieces.

Make sure all items are clean and covers are freshly-laundered.

  • Hint: When taping the tag directly onto an item is the only option, consider creating a "hanging" tag. Affix tape to the front of the tag (do not touch barcodes), and loop it around to the back. This strategy is ideal for placing tags on bicycle handles, etc.
  • Hint: Make sure the pieces don't become separated by using zip-ties/string to secure the pieces together. To ensure the tag doesn't get ripped off, cover most of the tag with clear packing tape.


Please check the CPSC website to see if an item has been recalled.*Click here for the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's list of recalls related to CHILDREN'S ITEMS.

Pricing Guidelines

Based on its condition, price items one-third to one-quarter of the original price paid for the item.

  • Hint: Rule of thumb: "What would you be willing to pay for the item?" Shop a Kid's Closet Connection sale for price ranges.

Items that are cleaned, ironed and nicely hung on hangers will generally bring more money.

Allow your items to be sold at 50% off on the last day. Consignors who allow for discounts usually make more money.

Remember to price items using $.50 increments only. Do not price anything less than $1.

Check out our Pricing Guidelines

Consignor Tagging Instructions

To print tags, use only high-quality, white cover stock paper, preferably. The best paper to use is 80- to 110-pound white (not dark colored or recycled) stock with a 92+ brightness factor, printed on a standard ink-jet or laser printer.

  • Hint: Do NOT print on a photo-printer or use a photo-printer setting.

Make sure the bar codes print cleanly and do not "bleed" together. Each bar line on the tag should be distinct from the adjoining bar line.

  • Hint: Do not reduce the size of the tag when you print (make sure "shrink to page" is not selected) and do not print in "draft" mode.

Item Drop-off and Pick-up:

You must select a half-hour time slot to drop off your items a day or two before the public sale. If you haven't done so already, click on the "Select a Drop-off Time" link on your Control Panel.

  • Hint: Before drop-off, have your items sorted by gender and then sorted by size. This makes hanging clothing in the appropriate place on the rack much quicker after check-in and inspection.

Item pick-up occurs after the sale has concluded. Consult the "Sale Locations and Times" web page for your particular sale's pick-up time and procedures.

Books and Puzzles

Affix tag to the back cover of the book. Only tape the top part of the tag down. We suggest you use removable painter's tape.

  • Hint: You can cluster similar books by tying them together with string/yarn or placing in a re-sealable plastic bag.